a little bit about summer

Summer Masuda was born in Kailua, Hawaii, USA to American parents of Japanese & Polynesian heritages.

As a child she spent her time reading books, singing,  swimming with her younger brother, and most of all- daydreaming. 

Upon graduating from Arizona State University in 2005, wanderlust soon took over and she left the US in 2008 to explore the world.

Summer has since been performing (singing & acting) on stage, film, TV, and doing voiceovers in the US, Australia, Japan, Germany and Scandinavia.

She is now based in the cold (but beautiful) city of Stockholm, where she can usually be found sipping strong coffee (black, please!), shopping for vintage dresses, listening to 80's love ballads/ 90's R&B, or walking in the forest with her crazy Boston Terrier.


Height: 161 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Tattoos: Left wrist & right foot

Shoe size: 37

Shirt: Small (36)

Trousers: Small (38)

Language: Fluent neutral American English, conversational Swedish